Thursday, November 17, 2005


I lead a dog's life.

Alright, I am the smartest looking dog on this campus. My deputies are also acting as dogs, trying to guard a stupid idiot who is supposed to save the world.

Frankly, if it had not been for kayo, we ourselves would have barked at him and scared him to death. However, she is convinced of the fact that he is the one power to save the world. ".... For he will stand, and the power will be unleashed from his side, the one which will encompass and exclude, punish and protect, lead and destroy... " She quoted it for the first time; when we first balked at the human supposed to save, as usual, the world.

I have never been able to understand what is this obsession of those out there to be so reckless. Harrumph!!! Just throw something around, and whomever is hit by it is supposed to save us all. But kayo says that that is what humans believe, and hence we have to build it accordingly. She has placed bets on this one at the Orupannimillathedem, that idiotic gambling den also belonging up there.

This place would have sucked big time had it not been for the women. I mean, between us friends, I have no qualms saying that earth women look yummy. The way they smile, the way they get angry, the way they rub behind your back and scratch your head...

Damn, I am even beginning to feel like a dog.